ECASA was constituted in 2008 primarily to respond to the growing demand for quality technical assistance in the Eastern, Central and Southern Africa Region. It is registered in Uganda and has its head office in Kampala, Uganda. Given its multidisciplinary and multicounty nature, the firm is in position to mobilize highly experienced consultants with diverse skills and competencies to offer a wide range of services as well as undertake complex assignment that require diverse specialist input.

Working Meeting


Leading Centre for quality professional services stimulating accelerated growth and sustainable development in the Eastern, Central and Southern Africa region.


Providing high quality and affordable professional services to our clients to enhance their efficiency, productivity, growth and sustainability.

Capacity Building


  1. To provide a wide range of high quality professional services to improve organizational capacity, productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.
  2. To increase access to quality affordable professional services for the public, private, civil society; and individuals.
  3. To promote synergy among professionals at country, regional and international levels and foster global partnership for sustainable development.

Our Background

ECASA was constituted in 2008 to respond to the growing demand for quality technical assistance in the Eastern, Central and Southern Africa Region. It is registered in Uganda and has its head office in Kampala, Uganda.

Core Values

Professionalism and Excellence

We are committed to professional excellence and strive to maintain the highest professional ethics and standards to ensure that our clients receive value-added services. We are committed to continued professional and career development of our Consultants and staff.

Client Focus

Our business is client centered. We focus on providing pragmatic, responsive solutions to the client’s unique needs and environment. As part of our work, we endeavor to create close collaborative relationships and serve the best interests of the client. We guarantee excellence and strive to achieve results that exceed the client’s expectations.

Transparency and Integrity

Transparency and integrity underpin everything we do. We are committed to a culture of openness in all our dealings with our clients while complying with established laws and procedures.

Value for Money

We take pride in completing assignments on schedule and within agreed budget on a “realistic fee for service basis”. Value for money determines our fees for services rendered.

Creativity, Innovation and Diversity

We maintain a group practice culture that promotes diversity and innovation in our team. Synergy among our Consultants constantly generates a wealth of knowledge and creates an environment of mutual support and collaboration that inspires creativity, innovation and professional advancement.

Our Code of Ethics

ECASA’s reputation and continued success depends on the integrity and accountability, to all its partners. It is for this reason that the Core Values and Code of Ethics will guide the operations of ECASA. Accordingly, all ECASA Consultants, employees, Management and Advisory Group members and Directors (collectively known as “personnel”) have embraced the Core Values and Code of Ethics.



ECASA being a multidisciplinary team, we take pride in offering comprehensive services and ensuring that our clients get everything done in one place. Our multidisciplinary team has diverse skills and capacity required to undertake complex assignments that require diverse specialists’ inputs for delivery of efficient and cost effective solutions and ensure professional services of the highest quality to our clients.

With the wealth of knowledge generated over time, we are best placed to deliver innovative, efficient and cost- effective solutions to our clients. We offer our services at very competitive rates and are passionate about harnessing our local and international expertise to unlock Africa’s growing potential.