Eastern Central and Southern Africa

The Eastern, Central and Southern Africa (ECASA) Group of Consultants is a consortium of both local and international experts working together to deliver a wide range of consultancy services in the Eastern Central and Southern Africa countries. The firm targets Partner States within the existing regional blocks including EAC, IGAD, COMESA and SADC. ECASA is a multidisciplinary team comprised of highly qualified and experienced consultants drawn from researchers, academicians, former Chief Executive Officers and Senior Program Managers who are dedicated to high quality service delivery in various socio-economic development programs in the region.

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Why Us

ECASA’s reputation and continued success depends on the integrity and accountability, to all its partners. It is for this reason that the Core Values and Code of Ethics will guide the operations of ECASA.

Our Core Values:

*     Professionalism and Excellence

*     Client Focus

*     Value for Money

*     Transparency and Integrity

*     Creativity, Innovation and Diversity.

ECASA Clients

ECASA has over the years rendered a wide array of consulting services in natural resource management, market-oriented agricultural production, climate smart agriculture, governance, health and other socioeconomic development programs to national, regional, international, public and private institutions, CSOs and Development Agencies.