Information and communication technologies

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) can help accelerate progress towards every single one of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and improve people’s lives in fundamental ways. It is a means to deliver quality goods and services in the areas of health care, education, finance, commerce, governance and agriculture, among others. ICT can help to reduce poverty and hunger, boost health, create new jobs, mitigate climate change, improve energy efficiency and make cities and communities sustainable. ECASA Information and communication technologies (ICTs) Cluster being a multi-disciplinary and multi-country team presents a good opportunity to leverage the power of ICT to accelerate progress on the SDGs by assisting countries in the ECASA region make ICTs affordable, relevant and accessible to all.


The Cluster focusses on supporting the building of necessary ICT infrastructure, cybersecurity, developing digital skills, improving digital inclusion for people with special needs, promoting access to ICTs, and an ICT-centred innovation and entrepreneurship. It will specifically offer a wide range of GIS and ICT services including; data analytics, geomapping and generation of geodata.

Our Clients

We have worked with a number of clients from different industries. They include automobile, banking, education, IT and health.