Economic Planning, Policy and Development

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to encourage sustained economic growth by achieving higher levels of productivity and through technological innovation. Finding solutions to national Economic Planning and Development priorities thus requires a highly trained, inter-disciplinary workforce. ECASA Economic Planning and Development Cluster being a multi-disciplinary and multi-country team presents a good opportunity to address the barriers and maximize on the drivers of sustainable development such as the slower growth, widening inequalities and unemployment.

3 - Economic - 1 - Economic Cluster

We offer consultancy services in decentralization and local governance, urban and rural development planning, resettlement action planning, municipal solid waste and water supply management, sustainable transport systems, public sector management, leadership and change management, strategy development, knowledge management and community development, and HIV/AIDS and Gender mainstreaming in local government.


Achieving this will require addressing economic growth and development from a variety of angles. Specifically, the cluster will focus on the provision of advisory and support services, supporting the finance sector in economic management, debt and cash management, and audit.

Our Clients

We have worked with a number of clients from different industries. They include automobile, banking, education, IT and health.